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“Scott and Amy Ferguson recently sold the home were we lived in Odessa. We had an equestrian estate that was a tough home to sell because of the specialty aspect of the property. We had the property listed with 2 other realtors before Scott and Amy over a 2-year period and they were unable to get it sold. Scott and Amy worked hard at advertising to the right buyers with social Media and magazine promos. They showed the property more than the 2 previous realtors. We all know it is a numbers game and the more people who see it the higher the possibility of a sale. That attention to detail was also obvious in their presentation of the property during the showings with every unique aspect of the property brought to the attention of the buyers. They were also always concerned for us with 24 hour notice and would lock up after the showings so we could go about our day. All of this paid off with the sale of the home to a person who appreciated the property and its qualities. They were very consciences’ with the buyers making sure all their concerns were addressed and resolved before the closing. We would highly recommend Scott and Amy to anyone selling or buying a home.“

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