The Internet has been a great problem–solver for home sellers. They can start to consider a home sale much earlier, spend more time on research, and gather more information to see how their home might be positioned in the current market.

However, did you know that there is a great deal of suspect and inaccurate information on the Web in regard to real estate and particularly home values? Some of it comes from court tax records, which are notoriously inaccurate value statistics. Other value estimates on the Web come simply from gathering listing price data. It’s not an accurate value until a buyer and seller agree on a number, so listing numbers are just a guess.

Coastal Properties Group International is highly experienced in the local real estate markets, and we want to give you a better valuation estimate through actual sales data from the MLS® (Multiple Listing Service). If you’ll fill in some home information in the form on this page, we’ll:

  • Develop a market report of similar homes to yours in your neighborhood that have sold recently.
  • Send you that report with details and photos of the homes, as well as the prices at which they were listed and finally sold.
  • Give you our interpretation of the current market for homes like yours, near yours, and in your home’s price range.


Fill out the form below and Scott & Amy will contact you to determine and discuss the value of your house.

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““Without hesitation, I would suggest that if you need a realtor, think about Scott and Amy Ferguson. They helped me every step of the way to sell my mother’s condo in Belleaire Bluffs, FL, which was especially useful since I live in Virginia. Scott went out of his way to make suggestions and gave help in setting up the unit and making it ‘showable’. Their company had a very professional web site with constant feedback to me, so I knew how things were going.”

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